How do I communicate with a coach during a session?


In group sessions (singe session, recurring sessions, and series of sessions) the way you communicate with your coach is through real-time chat which is available on the right side of the video broadcast area.  By default your chat message will be anonymous, but if you unselect the Post anonymously checkbox your CaféWell profile picture and username will be shared.  Simply type in a message and click the Send button.  The conversation is visible to anyone who has joined the session.  Conversations will be closed once the session ends but anyone who registered for the session will be able to go back to the session and view it.

In your are meeting with your coach in a 1-on-1 session then both of you will be in able to share the audio and video from your computer in a 2-way video meeting. You can toggle your camera and microphone off at anytime and the real-time chat is also available to you.

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