What do I do if I am having problems connecting to the Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) service when using Video Coaching?


The WebRTC service is responsible for delivering real-time video and chat to your web browser. If you are experiencing a problem connecting to the WebRTC service the following error appears.


You may be able to resolve this issue on your own to avoid having to log a support request. 

Connectivity Issue: The error may have been caused by an intermittent internet connectivity issue.  First try refreshing your browser to see if the error clears.

Special case when using Chrome as your web browser: If you are using Chrome as your browser at your office there is a possibility that communication with the WebRTC service is being blocked by a network firewall.

To resolve this issue: 

  • Try a different supported browser like Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer. These browsers use a plugin to communicate to the video service differently which may resolve your problem so we recommend you try this approach. Please refer to How do I install and enable the SightCall plugin for CaféWell Video Coaching?
  • Once the plugin is installed and allowed to run, reload the page.  The connection should be established.
  • If the session still doesn’t start, please try reloading the page to see if the connection can be established.

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