What’s the difference between a CaféWell Community, a CaféWell Discussion Group and a CaféWell Blog?


A CaféWell Community is a group focused on a broad health topic like Healthy Living, Heart Health, and Diabetes. CaféWell Communities contain content from reputable online resources including related videos and in-depth articles.

A CaféWell Discussion Group is a subtopic within a CaféWell Community like Diet & Nutrition (under Healthy Living), Heart Attacks and Heart Disease (under Heart Health) and Diabetes Prevention (under Diabetes). Members can join chats in a CaféWell Discussion Group by posting and replying to other members. Coaches monitor and participate in CaféWell Communities and CaféWell Discussion Groups related to their specialty and experience to offer advice and insight.

A CaféWell Blog is a place to post longer vignettes and anecdotes, as well as a place to share recipes, exercises and other tips and tricks that have worked for you. Blogs are available to all CaféWell Members.

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